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General Information

  • Spiels can be paid before or the day of your spiel. 
  • Should a spiel be full and a waiting list has been started, you will be requested to pay over the phone. 
  • Calcutta's, 50/50 draws, contests are never included in the spiel fee.
  • Closing dates for all spiels are 7 days before the spiel.
  • We will phone the contact person with your teams first draw time, the Wednesday night before the spiel.
  • Available lockers can be occupied by your team while you're enjoying your spiel,    Free!
  • Our volunteers will be available throughout the bonspiels!

Skins Open - TBD

$400 per Team

Open format with no age restriction, first 20 paid teams accepted

CASH paid every draw

$160 bonus cash to the WORST team entered *determined after round #1

$3600 prize cash minimum to be won!

$4000 Bonus cash available  *entry dependent

4 ends games  in round #1 with 1.5 hour max. play time

Teams should prepare for multiple draws per day

Cash and ends won determines 'seating' for second round

$5 lunch (soup+sandwich) and $5 dinner (beef on a bun+salad) available​

U18 Open - TBD

$240 per Team

Modified format, first 24 paid teams accepted.
CASH paid every game during first round.
May play more than 2 draws per day
Cash and games won determines 'seating' for final cash draws
$10 concession voucher to all curlers
12 and under, play 4 end games
13 and older, play 6 end games 
No evening games, no banquet

Sobey's Pea Soup Mixer - TBD

$300 per Team

Open modified mixed, first 20 paid teams accepted
Games and ends won determines seating for cash finals
Provided lunch includes pea soup c/w salads and buns for all curlers
A 'Couples' door prize will be awarded Saturday night
An early Saturday evening lite dinner for all curlers
GREY CUP on the big screen in the lounge, draft special all day long and half time meal only $10

U18 Open - TBD

$300 per Team

Competitive and non - competitive divisions​
Non - competitive 4 ends, seated games 6 ends
Competitive 6 ends, seated games 8 ends
May play more than 2 games per day
Games won with point differential
Cash paid every non seated game
Cash paid to seated pool winners only
$10 concession voucher to all curlers
No evening games

Open Skins Annual - February TBD

$240 per Team

Open format with No age restriction, first 24 paid teams accepted
CASH paid every draw
Teams should prepare for multiple draws per day
Tasty food available for purchase, Saturday night banquet

KC Community Spiel - February TBD

$30 per Player
True mixed format, with Knights of the old Knights of Columbus assembling each team when required
All levels of curler welcome for this  "must play"  of the curling season!
Prizes went to everyone last season!
Chinese food banquet Saturday night $15 per person
Always a full and fun spiel, sign up quick and don't miss out!

Ladies Skins' - TBD

$160 per Player

Modified skins format
Morning coffee, lunch, banquet included
Cash paid every game


Cystic Fibrosis Fundraiser - March TBD

​More Details to Come


Shaw Invitational - March TBD

Invitation Only


5303 50 St Beaumont, AB


Bonspiels 2018/2019