​​2017 - 2018  Spiel Dates and Registration

November 4 - 5/17  Postponed until Mar. 2018     Skins Open               (modified)

November 18 - 19/17                                      U18 Open Cash                      (non - comp.)

November 25 - 26/17                Sobey's Pea Soup Mixer      (modified) 

December 16 - 17/17                                        Jack and Jill                                (modified)

January 13 - 14/18                       U18 Open Cash                    (comp./non-comp.)

February 10 - 11/18                   KC Community                      (all welcome fun spiel)

​February 23 - 25/18                   Open Skins Cash                   (modified)

March 3 /18                              Cystic Fibrosis Fundraiser

March 10/18                              Ladies Open Skins'               (modified)

March 17/18                                   Shaw Invitational


Some Fun and some of what to expect !

So you know!

  • Spiels can be paid for when you check in the day of your spiel with cash cheque visa or mastercard , .... however,                if your spiel is full and a waiting list has been started, you will be requested to pay over the phone. 
  • Calcutta's , 50/50 draws, contests are never included in the spiel fee.
  • Closing dates for all spiels are 7 days before the spiel.
  • We will phone the contact person with your teams first draw time, the Wednesday night before the spiel.
  • Our lounge prices are more than reasonable and you can enjoy your bevy anywhere, .... so leave yours' at home.
  • If you've had one but stayed til 2, ... we will drive you home , .... don't worry it's what fellow curlers do!
  • Any available locker can be occupied by your team while you're enjoying your spiel, ... free!
  • We don't hire professional spiel put rrr on ers', our volunteers are great, friendly, and knowledgeable.
  • Our staff will and maybe even our Board members may ask for your feedback, just in case we have missed something! 

Skins' Open      (Postponed until March 2018)                                                                                                  

  • Open format with no age restriction, first 20 paid teams accepted
  • CASH paid every draw
  • $160 bonus cash to the WORST team entered       (determined after round #1)
  • $3600 prize cash minimum to be won !                                                                        
  • $4000 Bonus cash available      (entry dependent)
  • 4 ends games  in round #1 with 1.5 hour max. play time
  • Teams should prepare for multiple draws per day 
  • Cash and ends won determines 'seating' for second round
  • $5 lunch (soup+sandwich) and $5 dinner (beef on a bun+salad) available
  • COST > $400 PER TEAM

U18 Open   (Nov.)

  • Modified format, first 24 paid teams accepted
  • CASH paid every game during first round
  • May play more than 2 draws per day
  • Cash and games won determines 'seating' for final cash draws
  • $10 concession voucher to all curlers
  • 12 and under, play 4 end games
  • 13 and older, play 6 end games 
  • No evening games, no banquet
  • COST > $240/team

Sobey's Pea Soup Mixer

  • Open modified mixed, first 20 paid teams accepted
  • Games and ends won determines seating for cash finals
  • Provided lunch includes pea soup c/w salads and buns for all curlers
  • A 'Couples' door prize will be awarded Saturday night
  • An early Saturday evening lite  (la zon with salad)  dinner for all curlers
  • GREY CUP on the big screen in the lounge, draft special all day long and half time meal only $10
  • COST > $300/tea

U18 Open   (Jan.)  

  • competitive and non - competitive divisions​
  • non - competitive 4 ends, seated games 6 ends
  • competitive 6 ends, seated games 8 ends
  • May play more than 2 games per day
  • Games won with point differential
  • Cash paid every non seated game
  • Cash paid to seated pool winners only
  • $10 concession voucher to all curlers
  • No evening games , no banquet
  • COST > $300/team

Open Skins' Annual      (Feb.)

  • Open format with No age restriction, first 24 paid teams accepted
  • CASH paid every draw
  • Teams should prepare for multiple draws per day
  • Tasty food available for purchase, Saturday night banquet
  • COST > $240/team ...FULL 

KC (Community ) Spiel

  • True mixed format, with Knights of the old Knights of Columbus assembling each team when required
  • All levels of curler welcome for this  "must play"  of the curling season !
  • Prizes went to everyone last season !
  • Chinese banquet Saturday night $15 per person
  • Always a full and fun spiel, sign up quick and don't miss out !

Ladies Skins'

  • Modified skins format
  • morning coffee, lunch, banquet included
  • cash paid every game
  • cost > $160/team ..... FULL

Cystic Fibrosis Fundraiser , waiting list will be started soon, ... why are you still sitting there!                                                                                                    Told you so it's full but you're next on the list !

Shaw, ...... its by invite silly, .... have you been invited yet !

Bonspiel Registration Form