League Information

          Leagues start Monday October 1, 2018


      We have a lot of "new to curling" curlers and we would like to say, ...                                                                                                                                            we're very happy you're here,... thank you !

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Beaumonts’ House Rules

All Club Leagues :

              Fee’s due before your first game is played.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          All teams must be PAID IN FULL, payment arrangements can be made through the Manager prior to your first game if required, no problem.

  • All team members are required to sell one raffle book for that team to assist the Club with it's fundraising efforts.     (additional books available)
  • Minimum of 8 teams are required to run a league,  includes 20 league games plus additional play-off games .      (modified leagues exempt)
  • Should your team cancel or not show up for your scheduled game, ... you will have forfeited that game ... just sayin'.
  • Must curl at scheduled time (clock at far end is your curl time), make up games must be requested through the Manager to be approved by the Board.
  • 8 end games are encouraged,  2 hour games should be everyone's finished target time, ... if you can't finish your last end don't start it!
  • Second draw nights, the 2 hour game will be enforced and you will need to be off the ice minimum 15 minute before the next scheduled draw.
  • Both team Skip's must advise all on ice players before the draw starts, ... if less than 8 ends is intended.
  • Two of the original registered team's curlers must be present and ready to play for each scheduled game.
  • Maximum of 2 spares can play at one time, but must play lowest position.     (example: lead or lead and second if two spares are required)
  • Spares may 'call' the game but must  play lowest position.
  • Spares are paid league curling members and are available to curl when requested at anytime, but we ask you, do not call the same people every time.
  • Guests of yours' are most welcome to curl as a spare, FREE of charge as a way of introducing them to our Club, just advise staff before play.
  • Ladies and Men’s leagues are gender specific, Friday Mixed is gender alternating
  • With 13 teams entered 1 team will have a bye and will be considered a 1 draw league.
  •  With 14 teams or more entered will have 2 draws for that league  6:30pm and 8:45pm     (example: 1st draw 8 teams / 2nd draw 6 teams until sheets are full)
  • NACA Qualifier determined after the 10th game played, January 5  2019 will be the playdown and banquet
  • Club play-off and NACA Qualifier formats will remain as established during 2016-17 season    
  • Specific league/bonspiel sponsorship will be at Boards discretion         


League  Formats      
(additional information found at "detail league info.) 

Commercial Open                           (Monday)
  • Primarily for businesses wanting their group/employees to curl and have tons o fun while doing it!
  • Businesses are encouraged to rotate through their group/employees to comprise a weekly 4 person team , playing any position
  • Businesses enter team(s) with one complete payment and provides a team name because that's the easiest
  • No volunteer incentive or spiel fee is charged, some Club bonuses offered are not available or eligible        (details from Joel)
  • All teams will play during Club play-offs, no team will be seated due to the nature of the format
  • 'Commercial Monday' has league status regarding membership

Skins’ Open                                      (Tuesday)
  • Additional $100 per player for the payout “pots”, due upon registering
  •  All 20 regular league games are 8 ends with a $40 payout per game, payable after last regular seasons game played
  • Sponsorship received will be added to play-off pot only, paying out the top 4 play-off teams from 'A' and 'B' pool
  • Play-off payouts paid after last play-off game played
  • All teams enter as a full team of 4 players     (teams entering with less than 4 players are required to pay the difference) 
  • Open format with no age restriction   

Ladies                                                  (Wednesday)

  • No age restrictions, gender specific
  • All teams will be seated after 10 games into 'A' and 'B' pool     ( mid way through season)
  • All teams will play during Club play-offs

Men's                                                   (Thursday)

  • No age restriction, gender specific
  • All teams will be seated after 10 games into 'A' and 'B' pool     ( mid way through season)
  • All teams will play during Club play-offs

 Mixed                                                        (Friday)

  • Gender alternating, with no age restriction
  • All teams seated after 10 games into 'A' and 'B' pool     ( mid way through season)
  • All teams will play during Club play-offs


​  U18  Beaumont Juniors                                                                                       Tuesdays  5:15 - 6:45

            'Edmonton Youth Curling League' , yes of course we're apart of this new league         

  • Our Club introduced a junior intermediate program, that prepare our young curlers for a more competitive style of league and bonspiel play

  • ​A new or no experience players are always welcome and are considered a 'beginner'
  • ​A curler with one + years experience can be considered  'intermediate'  upon players skill level and the advice of the Head trainer
  • Our 'in house league' will allow for all curlers to play all curlers
  • ​Beginners will learn the games fundamentals through proven on ice exercises and enjoy some modified draws while preparing for our Club youth spiel
  • ​All Junior curlers are encouraged to enter a team, play on a team or play as a spare in our night leagues ,                                                                                                   "playing experience allows you to gain experience"

Student Curling                                                                                                 Wednesdays 4 - 5:30, after school

  • Developed for the limited experienced High school aged players, coached by Ms. Kim for league, spiel and school provincial play
  • Middle school students, offered only as demand warrants, coached by Mr. Chledowski
  • Beaumont Juniors have used this time as additional ice time to hone there skills with Mr. Chledowski
  • All students are encouraged to enter a team, play on a team or spare in our night leagues