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Curling Tips and Etiquette



Before the Game

- Arrive before your game time , not at game time, … just puttin' it out there !

- If you can’t curl that day, please notify your team and together try and find a member spare, or a guest.
- Arrive in plenty of time to change, stretch, and grab a bevy and to hit the ice at your scheduled time.
- Shake hands with your opposition wishing them a good game.
- The teams third should have a coin to toss, not looking for a coin to toss, just sayin’.
- If you, perchance, are going to be late advise your team to start without you, and you’ll owe them one.
- Always check the schedule in advance for your game time, have your gear ready the night before.
- Should your pet have eaten your curling shoes, bring a clean pair of soft soled indoor shoes with you.
- Under no circumstances will outdoor foot wear be permitted on the ice surface.                                     
- Should outdoor foot wear be on the ice surface, they will be asked to leave. And since barefoot curling is not allowed                                       you will be asked to leave with them. 

Speed of Play

- Trust your Skip to call the shot and the ice, stop making decisions by committee.
- Skip’s rarely make mistakes, discuss their decisions in the lounge where they can be fully explained.
- 30 second delay with each throw can cause a one hour delay in a 8 end game,.. be ready!

- As soon as the opposition has thrown their stone, get In the hack and ready yourself to throw

- All players should gather their own stone, get in the hack, clean the stone, and begin their pre delivery routine,                                                  ready to throw as soon as the Skip asks for it. 
-  After sweeping your teams stone, quickly move to the sides, and ready your position at the throwing end.
- As a courtesy the lead usually places the Skip’s stones in front of the hack, when Skip is throwing.

Where Should I Stand?

- Only the Skip and Vice are allowed behind the back line when the other team is throwing.
- Sweepers are to stand between the hog lines when the other team is throwing.
- The next player to throw should stand quietly on the back deck at the throwing end.

After the Game

- Return stones in numbered order to their respective boxes, 1 through 8.
- Shake hands with your opposition congratulating them on a good game.
- Take all personal belongings with you when leaving the rink area.
- As per curling tradition dating back to the very start of the game its self,                                                                                                               all curlers are required to pay homage to their opposition with a wee visit to the lounge.                                                                                       Besides, screwing with tradition has proven to be a bad omen for future games

Your Equipment

Grippers purchased in 1928 most likely need replacing. Grippers last approx. 30 games and that’s with regular cleaning (mild soap and water). Grippers can mark the ice and can start leaving shredded pieces on the ice just waiting to have your stone “pick”. 

Brushes purchased when you didn’t have to dye your hair most likely shouldn’t be used.                                                                                  Horse hair or hog hair brooms last approx. 40 games then the hair falls out on to the ice, then guess what!

Synthetic brushes may last 20 games with regular cleaning and head rotating,... aren’t you glad you do that. 

And remember cleaning your broom or brush in the house area, and you know you clean it just before you sweep your next stone (leaves stuff on the ice for stone to pick on) … right? Clean it into the trash can at the end of the sheet.

Clothing, should be clean, non-fuzzy and free of all pet hair, debris rarely falls up.... I heard that on T.V. 

Watch your stone’ while standing, "picks" will become larger ... the longer your body parts remain on the ice.

Bottom line everyone, players are the cause of picks! Let's work through it shall we